Our SQ littles environment is for infants through Pre-K. SQ littles is broken into two age groups for safety and the most amount of fun! We have SQ Babies (under 2 years), SQ Toddlers (2s and 3s), and SQ Pre-K (4s and 5s). Your child will be in a safe, fun, and clean environment! 



SoulQuest Kids is an environment for all children, K through 5th grade. SoulQuest Kids uses Konnect curriculum. Your children will have lots of fun, learn about God, and be in a safe environment. Good luck the Sunday after their first visit; they'll be waking you up to get to church!


What to expect:

  • Check-In- We believe in safety first, so we ask every parent/ guardian to check in their child every Sunday. Your child will receive a sticker with his or her coinciding number, and you will receive a pick up sticker with that same number. If there are any problems, our volunteers will put your number on the big screen during church. After the service bring back your sticker to match with your child's sticker, and they are free to go! 

  • Safety- All of our volunteers go through a background check before they are allowed to serve with our SQ littles or SQ bigs. There is also a dedicated Security Team member in our children's areas. No one is let in or out without permission from our SQ Kids leaders. No child is allowed to leave without a parent presenting a matching check in sticker.

  • Cleanliness- All our environments are cleaned before and after our services. Why? Because these kids are our kids! We wouldn't want to leave our kids anywhere that was even a little dirty. We know you don't either! 

  • Fun- Our SQ bigs have a blast every Sunday. They watch a funny, relevant video that reinforces biblical principles. They then connect the video story with a story in Scripture. They leave with one big idea to take away, and a memory verse to share and learn. Our SQ littles have fun in a loving environment where our leaders are dedicated to keeping them safe and secure while you enjoy our services!

If you would like more information on the curriculum for SQ bigs you can click here.



Join the team in one or all of the following ways!

  • sq Littles | 0-2 years; 2s and 3s; pre-k

  • sq Bigs | K-5th grade