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The 4 Gs

take your next step with Jesus


The 4 Gs

take your next step with Jesus

The 4 Gs


Build the church. SoulQuest exists to do whatever it takes to reach lost people. At SoulQuest, we believe in growth. Growth as a body, and growth as individuals. When we are growing as individuals, we do whatever it takes to reach lost people. When we are doing whatever it takes to reach lost people, our church will grow as a result.


Serve the church. Each one of us has a unique set of passions, skills, and gifts. When we become a Christian, God wants to use that skillset and gift mix for the good of others and for his glory. Each Sunday, we see lives changed by the power of the Gospel. Each Sunday, we have individuals serving and using their gifts so others may hear the Gospel. 


Be the church. Groups at SoulQuest aren't just "holy huddles." We believe in the power of community. When we work together, we can get so much more accomplished. Our groups are designed to be an evangelistic arm of SoulQuest. When you join a Dinner Party, you create new friendships, discuss Scripture, pray together, and reach out to others.


Fund the church. We have been given so much from God. We believe in giving back to Him through the local church. At SoulQuest, we unashamedly call each believer to be generous in their giving. When we are generous with our earthly possessions, we believe God will be generous in using our generosity to change someone else's eternity.

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What's next in your relationship with Jesus? Boot Camp is the place to learn and apply your faith! It's built specifically for those that are brand new to Christianity, just coming back to church after being out of church for a while, and those that feel stagnant in their faith. 


sq Kids Boot Camp - TBA

Boot Camp - August 19-September 2 immediately after service downstairs in the kids area. (there will be signage downstairs outside the room)

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Sign up for adult Boot Camp below (6th-12th graders sign up too!)

Adult Boot Camp is a 4 week course that helps you see what's next in your relationship with Jesus.

Who's it for? EVERYONE, 6th grade and up! Whether you're a new Christian, just returning to Christianity, or feel stagnant in your faith. This course will help you grow in your relationship with God.

Is there childcare available? Yes! We provide childcare for kids under 5th grade. 

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Sign you and your child up for sq Kids Boot Camp below (K-5th graders only) This course is designed for you to attend with your child.

sq Kids Boot Camp is a one week course that helps your child understand their faith or come into a relationship with Jesus. It's a time where we explain faith in Christ in language they understand. We also spend time talking about their next steps, and how you can help them follow Jesus on Monday through Saturday at home!

Is there childcare available? Yes! We provide childcare for babies and toddlers under Kindergarten age.

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