Next Level is built to be an active internship. You will be learning leadership principals, ministry principals, and more. As you're learning, you will turn right around to apply all of these principals in your leadership and ministry at SoulQuest.

This isn't just a time for you to be an errand runner. This is a time for you to lead others, disciple others, and prepare for the future God has for you.

All Next Level internships have the possibility of pay and a future with SoulQuest. Not all Next Level internships start off that way. 

How long is this internship?

Next Level spreads over two semesters with the possibility of moving from intern to part-time staff after the year. We begin in mid-September.

What are the hours weekly?

There will be no office hours. The hours are dependent on the responsibility. All interns are required to attend all 3 Sunday services, have a bi-weekly (every other week) intern meeting (no more than 1 hour), assist in set-up of church on Saturday (no more than 2 hours).

What will we all be doing as interns?

All interns will receive resources to help grow both as leaders and spiritually. Some reading is a requirement. What you will be doing will be dependent on your area of ministry.

What about required school internships or volunteer hours?

We will do whatever we can to make sure you complete your required hours for your degree.

What happens after I fill out this form?

You will be contacted via text after the application is reviewed. Then a face to face meeting will be set up.

Will there be opportunities to preach, lead worship, etc?

Yes. Our church is growing at a rapid pace, so we are always looking for new leaders in all areas!


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