Help! I need somebody. Help! Not just anybody... Help! 

That is what my wife's response was when I told her the title of this First Fifteen blog.  This is my life. 

We've all dealt with spiritual strongholds. Whether you called it a stronghold or not, you've had them. When we talk about spiritual strongholds, we're simply talking about habits that contribute to sin. Typically a stronghold takes a strong hold of your mind. Hence the name. 

Let's be honest, no one wants to live with a stronghold. It's too hard. It's too hard to keep up the charade. It's hard being anxious all the time. It's hard being depressed. It's hard feeling inferior. It's not easy being cheesy. So, if no one wants to have a stronghold, why do so many walk around with strongholds controlling them? 

Strongholds are strong. 

Strongholds don't just go away because you hear a good sermon. They don't go away because you listened to K-Love in traffic. They don't disappear as you pray in the shower. Strongholds are strong. 

If that's the case, how do we rid ourselves of strongholds? 

We have to go back to the beginning with our definition of a stronghold. It's simply a strong habit that leads directly to or towards the hold of sin. It's strong. Habits don't just quit. Habits ultimately direct the destination and quality of our lives. That's a big deal. If your habits all LEAD you to or towards the hold of sin, your destination and quality of life will reflect that. 

Our strongholds are strong because our habits aren't healthy. (YAAMEN, Austin, preach boy)

We can't expect to escape our strongholds when our habits only contribute to them. If we want to weaken our strongholds, we've got to start healthy habits. 

So you gained a ton of weight recently because of overeating? Does it feel like a stronghold? Those extra pounds aren't going away by themselves. You've got to start a healthy habit to overcome a strong stronghold.

Is your mouth so full of gossip you can't even tell when you're gossiping anymore? You better start encouraging every person you see. Start a healthy habit. 

Bank account overdrawn because you can't window shop without buying the whole store? Next paycheck, give money away to something that's NOT for you. That stronghold won't be beaten without a healthy habit. 

Constantly anxious over what others say about you? It's time to get in the Word to see what God says about you. Only a healthy habit will beat a strong stronghold. 

Your habits are leading you somewhere. Is that somewhere a place you want to end up?