A while back I walked into our kitchen to find my wife warming up dinner. The biggest problem with what I found was where the food was placed. Sara was leaning against the counter, the microwave was blaring, but the food was sitting on the counter still. I looked at Sara and looked back at the microwave. I then looked at the food, then back to the microwave. I was confused. I looked into the microwave a little closer to find that there was no food in the microwave. The microwave was warming up the air. Sara had forgotten to put the food into the microwave to warm up the food.

So, now I warm up the leftovers.

Just like Sara forgot about putting the food into the microwave to warm up the food. I believe many of us forget how much God can do through us and how much God wants to use us. We many times go through the motions, and like Sara forgot to put the food into the microwave, we forget to make ourselves available for God to use.

One of the many ways we forget this is simply through those we interact with weekly. Everyone has a sphere of influence. Some spheres are bigger than others, but everyone has a group of people that they have influence with. It could be family, friends, work associates, the cashier, or all of the above.

Here’s something I’ve been thinking about a lot recently. Is it possible that every one of us have people in our lives who can best be reached by God through us? Is it possible that you are positioned better than ANYONE else on planet Earth to reach “Bob” or “Suzie”? Is it possible that they are one decision away from having their entire destiny changed? And is it possible that God wants to use you to be the catalyst for that? I believe YES!

See, there’s somebody in my life that God can reach better through me than through you; and vice versa. So, with that in mind, will we be available for God to use us? You are strategically positioned to reach somebody. Who is it?

Because we have a message of hope in a dark world, a message of peace in the midst of chaos; a message of salvation in the middle of desperation. YOU carry that hope, peace, and salvation.

Start investing in someone’s life today. Simply share the love of Jesus with them. Show them love that they don’t deserve. Then invite them to come to church with you, or invite them to come to know Jesus.

God wants to reach someone through you.