Have you ever tried to refurbish or reuse old furniture? I have. Once my wife, Sara, and I built a table out of an old door. That was also the day I almost lost a limb. Not from a knife or a saw. I thought Sara was going to beat me up over this door table. Or take off an arm or something. So, now we don't build things together. Because I want to live with two arms and stay married. 

Revelation 21:5 says, "He who was seated on the throne said, 'I am making everything new!'"

Our God is a maker. Here are two ways God wants to make us new starting today.

1. Repurpose

When we bought our door, we knew we didn't want it to be a door anymore. We wanted to give it new purpose. We wanted to repurpose it and make it into a table. God wants to give you and I a new identity. He wants to give us a new purpose in life. He wants to make us new. He wants to open our eyes and purify our hearts. He wants us to know who we are and whose we are. We are not what we've done. We are not what we do. We are who God calls us to be because of what Jesus has done. God wants to give us a new name. He wants to repurpose us. 

2. Restore

Before we were done with our table, we needed to paint it and make it look fresh. At this point, I had lost two limbs and a knee cap, so Sara painted the table. It had been repurposed. Now we needed to restore it. We had to make it look good again. God also wants to make something old in your life new again. He wants to restore it. A relationship that hasn't been good lately; God wants to repaint and restore that relationship. Your self-esteem has hit an all time low; God wants to restore what you once lost through Jesus. 


God wants to repurpose and restore our lives. He longs to repurpose who you are. God desires to restore the mess we call life. Before God is able to repurpose and restore us, we have to be willing. The door we bought was a door. Duh. The door, though, didn't say it didn't want to be a table, probably because it was a door. It just went with the flow. It was repurposed and restored to our liking. 

Before God can repurpose and restore our lives, we've got to give Him permission. We've got to give Him access. We've got to look to Him and ask him to repurpose our identity and restore our lives.

We've got to be like the door. We've got to go with what God wants for us.

God wants to make us new. Will we let Him?