Maybe 2016 wasn't your year. Maybe you walked away happy to change your calendars and your check writing skills. Maybe you are so excited for a fresh start.

Maybe you're terrified that 2017 will end up just like every other year you wanted a fresh start.

Your 2016 might have been the worst year of your life. It may have been full of terrible circumstances, broken relationships, or loss of life. Your 2016 may have been the best year you'v ever had. Whatever your 2016 was like, your 2017 is relying on one thing to determine whether it will wreak havoc on your life or bring the blessings you desire. 

What you do with what's in your hands. 

What's in your hands isn't always your choice. In fact, more times than not, what is placed in your hands is not your decision. 

If you were raised in a broken home with abusive parents; you didn't ask for that to be placed in your hands. But it was. 

If you lost a job after working hard hours and doing good work; you didn't ask for that to be dropped into your hands. But it was. 

If you were given everything to succeed; you didn't request it. But it's there.

Regardless of what is placed in your hands or mine, we are all responsible for what happens next. You are responsible for what you do with what's in your hands.

Will you continue the cycle of broken homes and abusive relationships with your children? Or will you let that hurt that was given to you slide through your fingers? Will you instead pick up patience and endurance with Christ by your side? 

Will you wallow in self-pity after being handed your lost job? Or will you drop the self-pity to replace it with confidence in an all providing God?

Will you rely solely on what others have given you? Or will you pick up the faithfulness required to steward what has been entrusted to you? 

No matter what is handed to you in 2017, the decision is yours. Will you allow something outside of your control to control you? Will you take what's in your hands, regardless of the hurt or success that is handed your way, and use it to lift your hands in praise to God?

How you respond to what is handed to you may just determine whether 2017 sucks or succeeds.

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