Think back to where you were when you met Jesus. Hopefully you are different now than you were then. We have a savior that runs to where we are. He doesn't sit back idly waiting on us to run to him after we've fixed our messes. 

Jesus pursues us. He runs to us. He chases after us. Jesus meets us wherever we are. Jesus meets us in the messiest parts of our lives. He doesn't wait for us to get cleaned up before he meets us. He jumps straight into our mess, and he cleans us up.

We talk about how Jesus jumps into our messes, and we talk about how we don't clean ourselves up, but what happens after Jesus meets us in our mess?

See, Jesus will meet us WHEREVER we are, but he doesn't want us to stay WHERE we are. He wants us to grow. He wants us to change. Jesus meets us in our mess, but Jesus wants to walk us out of our mess and into a life more like his.

He wants us to be different. Think back one more time to the mess you were in when Jesus found you. Now, ask yourself a few questions:

  1. How different am I?

  2. Am I more like Jesus? 

  3. How can I be more like Jesus?

This journey with Jesus isn't always clean and good. Sometimes we slip. Sometimes we fall. But we should always be moving and striving to be closer to Jesus, and more like him. Maybe your next step is to pray more often. Maybe your next step is to give up a bad habit in exchange for a new habit like a Bible reading plan.

Whatever your next step is, Jesus is right by you ready to take the step with you!