The making of a movement begins within a man or woman. Every movement begins with a vision. Andy Stanley say, "Vision is born in the soul of a man or woman who is consumed with the tension between what is and what could be." 

In Nehemiah chapter 1, Nehemiah's vision from God begins as a concern. He saw the tension between what was and what could be. Nehemiah's vision began as a concern that led him to a prayer, that led him to plan and act. 

What is your vision? It doesn't have to be specific to "ministry." Not everyone is called to plant a church or restore the People of Israel, but we are all called to something. There is a movement waiting on you to begin. God has a vision for your life that he wants you to walk in. Are you walking in it? 

It could be raising children that honor God. It could be starting a business that honors God. It could be starting a non-profit. It could be starting a blog to help single moms. It could be as small as joining a Serve Team, joining SoulQuest in an outreach event, or finding Christian community in a Dinner Party. The possibilities are endless, but only YOU know where God is calling you. What is the tension you see between what is and what could be? What are you burdened about? What would you change if you could in your life? Where do your gifts intersect with your burdens? 

What movement is God trying to start inside of your heart that could turn into a movement to change other lives? 

Watch Pastor Ronnie's sermon from Sunday to hear more on the making of a movement, and how God wants to use you! Sermon- Making of a Movement