For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also. (Luke 12:34) Read the whole chapter here.

Where is your treasure? 

It's a powerful and convicting thing to look at where your treasure is. For many of us our treasure is in food, cars, sporting events, or technology. If we look at our banking statements, we might just find our heart right next to our car payment or our newest gadget. 

Jesus challenged his followers 2,000 years ago to look into their wallets to see where their heart was. He's challenging us to do the same.

Generosity doesn't always start as a 10% tithe, although that is a worthy and blessed goal. Generosity may start with canceling your Hulu subscription and giving to your local church at first. Generosity may start with $5 this week, $10 the next, and so on.

The challenge for all of us today is to look at our bank statement, find where our heart is hiding, and break the cycle. Generosity has to start somewhere. Where can it start today for you and your family?