First Fifteen

The First Fifteen is a simple way to deepen your relationship with Jesus. It is committing to at least 5 minutes of worship, 5 minutes of Scripture reading, and 5 minutes of prayer.


The First Fifteen gives you the opportunity to start your day off with worship of Jesus. Listen to a playlist from our Spotify, check out SoulQuest Worship on our YouTube, or turn on some Christian radio.

Scripture Reading

God is trying to communicate with each one of us already through His Word. We encourage you to start your day off with reading at least 5 minutes of Scripture. This is the best way to begin hearing from God!


Just like Scripture is communication from God, prayer is our communication to God. By starting your day off with thanksgiving and praise to God, you let God into the drivers seat of your life. Don't forget to pray for the people in your life that don't know Jesus!