how to use:

  1. Each week's discussion is based on the previous week's sermon.
  2. The discussion each week is geared towards spiritual maturity (applying spiritual truths).
  3. The new discussion material and sermon will go live each week at 4:00PM.
  4. There will be a recap video to play before discussion to remind everyone of the previous week's sermon!
  5. Have fun!


  • Characteristics of Jesus' healing ministry
    • It was personal - Jesus touched people and had a relationship with them.
    • It was passionate - Jesus felt emotion and compassion for people.
    • It was purposeful - Jesus' healings were always for a greater purpose than just physical healing.
  • Approaches to Healing
    • Sensational approach - this approach is primarily those that "heal" with passion, but not personal or purposeful.
    • Confessional approach - this approach is primarily a "name it and claim it" type of "healing", it is usually not personal or truly purposeful.
    • Dispensational approach - this approach says that miraculous healing has ceased from happening.
    • Jesus' approach - His approach is always personal, always passionate, and always has a greater purpose than just the physical healing.
  • Way God Heals
    • Natural healing - healing that God hardwired within our bodies - ex. a cut will heal eventually
    • Medical healing - God uses medicine and medical people to help heal 
    • Supernatural healing - when God intervenes and heals something that is unexplainable.
  • Kinds of Sickness
    • Sickness of Disobedience - sickness that God use to get our attention
    • Sickness for God's Glory - sickness that God uses for a purpose
    • Sickness unto Death - sin without a savior


ice breaker

  • Start Laughing

Prayer over discussion

  • Pray that God would use the discussion to challenge us and grow us spiritually.

Discussion questions

  • Start Talking- general sermon question
    • What was something that challenged or encouraged you from the sermon?
  • Start Sharing- sermon question/ personal story question
    • How did this sermon confirm or challenge your thoughts on healing?
    • What were your initial thoughts from the video played Sunday? 
    • Start Digging
      • James 5:16 says, "The prayer of a righteous person is powerful and effective."
        • What do you think it means to be a "righteous" person? 
        • Elijah was a righteous man, whose prayers were powerful and effective. He prayed that it wouldn't rain and it didn't rain for 3 years! Yet James called him a normal man.
          • What does it look like today to be a normal man but pray powerful and effective prayers?
        • Is there something you are facing that you need healing from? (Physically, mentally, emotionally, or spiritually?)
    • Start Doing- personal application/challenge
      • Pray that God would heal anything big or small in your life!

    closing prayer

    • Take prayer requests.
    • Before prayer, remind everyone to be praying for a lost friend daily, and for one another's prayer requests.
    • Lead in prayer.