how to use:

  1. Each week's discussion is based on the previous week's sermon.

  2. The discussion each week is geared towards spiritual maturity (applying spiritual truths).

  3. The new discussion material and sermon will go live each week at 4:00PM.

  4. There will be a recap video to play before discussion to remind everyone of the previous week's sermon!

  5. Have fun!




ice breaker

  • Start

    • Pastor Ronnie talked about getting a new body in Heaven. He is excited that he won’t have ugly feet anymore. He’s excited that there won’t be any pain anymore. What’s something that you are excited will be perfect in Heaven? Either a funny body part or a pain that won’t go away?

Prayer over discussion

  • Pray that God would use the discussion to challenge us and grow us spiritually.

Discussion questions

  • Start Talking- general sermon question

    • What was something that challenged or encouraged you from the sermon?

  • Start Sharing- sermon question/ personal story question

    • What was something about Heaven that surprised you/you learned?

    • Last week we talked about how the reality of Hell can motivate us to share the gospel with our friends and family. How does the reality and beauty of Heaven motivate us to share with our friends and family?

    • Pastor Ronnie said, “Here on earth we march on God and worship gold. In Heaven we will march on gold and worship God!”

      • What do you think makes money/things such a competitor for our attention away from God?

    • How does knowing Heaven is your home give you confidence for today?

  • Start Digging

    • Revelation 22:4 says, “They will see his face…” When we make it to Heaven we will finally see Jesus face to face.

      • What do you think that moment will be like?

      • What are you most looking forward to in meeting Jesus face to face?

  • Start Doing- personal application/challenge

    • Talk to your person that doesn’t know Jesus AND invite them to church/tell them about Jesus.

closing prayer

  • Take prayer requests.

  • Before prayer, remind everyone to be praying for a lost friend daily, and for one another's prayer requests.

  • Lead in prayer.