how to use:

  1. Each week's discussion is based on the previous week's sermon.

  2. The discussion each week is geared towards spiritual maturity (applying spiritual truths).

  3. The new discussion material and sermon will go live each week at 4:00PM.

  4. There will be a recap video to play before discussion to remind everyone of the previous week's sermon!

  5. Have fun!



ice breaker

  • Start Laughing

    • Pastor Ronnie talked about going to buy day old bread as a kid to save money. What are some funny ways you or your family found to save money?

Prayer over discussion

  • Pray that God would use the discussion to challenge us and grow us spiritually.

Discussion questions

  • Start Talking- general sermon question

    • What was something that challenged or encouraged you from the sermon?

  • Start Sharing- sermon question/ personal story question

    • Pastor Ronnie talked about SoulQuest being a “safe place” for people to come and belong. Dinner Parties are a great example of a place where you can belong and share without judgment but with encouragement and challenge from one another.

      • How has this Dinner Party been a “safe place” for you to share and belong?

    • Pastor Ronnie said when you give your life to Jesus and commit to him, God also commits even stronger to you.

      • What kind of confidence does it give you to know that God has committed to you and will be with you no matter what?

    • “God doesn’t save you just so you can go to heaven. He saves you to have life here on earth.”

      • If God saves us for more than the after life, how should that change our day to day life?

  • Start Digging

    • John 10:10 “The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full.”

      • How has Satan come to steal, kill or destroy in your life? How has God come to bring life in your life?

  • Start Doing- personal application/challenge

    • Be confident this week in the abundant life that Christ has given you.

closing prayer

  • Take prayer requests.

  • Before prayer, remind everyone to be praying for a lost friend daily, and for one another's prayer requests.

  • Lead in prayer.