how to use:

  1. Each week's discussion is based on the previous week's sermon.

  2. The discussion each week is geared towards spiritual maturity (applying spiritual truths).

  3. The new discussion material and sermon will go live each week at 4:00PM.

  4. There will be a recap video to play before discussion to remind everyone of the previous week's sermon!

  5. Have fun!



  1. Worship requires obedience

    1. “Many times we don’t need to know more, we just need to obey what we already know.”

  2. Worship requires sacrifice

    1. Time - “Worship is not the same as music. Worship is sacrificing your time to serve others for God.”

    2. Possessions - “Worship is the sacrifice of your treasures to help others and build the kingdom of God.”

    3. Talents - “God has given you talents so that you can turn around and worship him with those talents by serving others.”

    4. Personal Preferences - “Sometimes we have to sacrifice our personal preferences in order to help others worship God.”

  3. Worship requires praise - “Praise is an action word.”

    1. Praise is vocal - “To worship God, you’ve got to open your mouth”

    2. Praise is physical - “To worship God, you’ve got to get up and move around, dance or something!”

    3. Praise is spiritual

  4. Worship requires expectations

    1. “Worshipping God is coming with expectations that He is who He says He is, and if so, He’ll do what only He can do.”

ice breaker

  • Start Laughing

    • What is your favorite song?

      • After someone answers, make them sing the chorus.

Prayer over discussion

  • Pray that God would use the discussion to challenge us and grow us spiritually.

Discussion questions

  • Start Talking- general sermon question

    • What was something that challenged or encouraged you from the sermon?

  • Start Sharing- sermon question/ personal story question

    • Pastor Ronnie talked about worship in his sermon. How is your definition of worship different now than it was before the sermon?

    • Have you ever thought about your time, talents, and treasures as ways to worship God?

      • How can you worship him in a new way after knowing these?

  • Start Digging

    • James says not to be just hearers of the word, but doers of the word. James goes on to say that faith without works is dead.

      • Pastor Ronnie said, “Many times we don’t need to know more, we just need to obey what we already know.”

      • What’s something in your life that you know God’s word is telling you or God is telling you through prayer, but you just haven’t obeyed yet? What is keeping you from obeying God in that area?

  • Start Doing- personal application/challenge

    • Obey God this week in the ways you’ve been hesitant to in the past. Just do it!

closing prayer

  • Take prayer requests.

  • Before prayer, remind everyone to be praying for a lost friend daily, and for one another's prayer requests.

  • Lead in prayer.